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  1. Apply each morning lightly before you put on your foundation.
  2. As a Mask which you apply to tighten and cleanse. Apply liberally and remove within 20/30 minutes.

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Rare ingredients from New Zealand

Our combination of New Zealand bee venom and UMF 20+ manuka honey

The tiny amount of bee venom in our products causes micro-swelling, which instantly smoothes the skin, while also stimulating long-term collagen and elastin renewal. We also include manuka honey in our products, to reduce inflammation and redness.

Each container of Bee Pure contains 3.5 fl oz of New Zealand Manuka honey and bee venom rejuvenating facial creme. This can be used as a mask or a daily moisturizer and should give you up to one month of facial goodness.

Bee Venom is a beauty break through

Honey bee venom (Apitoxin) contains at least 18 active substances, of these the enzymes Phoslipase A2, hyaluronidase and the other proteins and peptides Melittin, ApamineAdolapin and protease inhibitor all play a vital role in stimulating the skin to react in a way that causes it to replenish itself naturally.These active substances have been studied in depth and their skin energizing properties have been well researched in the twentieth century.

These active substances have been studied in depth and their skin energizing properties have been well researched in the twentieth century. Bee venom has multiple beneficial effects on the body: it improves blood circulation, increases physical strength and well-being, supports the function of the pituitary-cortical system, has anti-oxidant effects supporting your immune system.

The Bee venom peptides stimulate facial muscles causing your skin to react; increasing circulation and stimulates production of collagen, elastin and cortisone, plumping and firming of the fine lines and wrinkles.It does not cause swelling as you would get from a real bee sting, it just makes the skin tissue react by producing more of the compounds that keep you looking younger.

Real women real results

I asked a woman at work what had happened as she quite suddenly looked ten years younger. She was glowing! She attributed it to use of your Bee Venom Mask. I ordered some, and was delighted to find that it worked wonders for me, too! I use it both morning and evening. My face is quite wrinkle free for my age as I have always been careful of sun, but my upper chest area was quite wrinkled...not now! In fact, I recently bought a dress and the sales lady commented that I was one of the few people who could wear the rather low cut dress as my upper body is so smooth. I'm over 60, and everyone thinks I am ten years younger. I LOVE this Bee Venom Mask. Honestly, I think it is miraculous, and my friends are tired of me dragging out my almost empty jar to show them why. Thanks!

Gaylene, GA

I started using Bee Pure cream 4 weeks ago. I apply the cream every night and can already notice the difference. My skin feels tighter and my sun spots are less noticeable. I've even got my Mum using it! I would highly recommend Bee Pure NZ Bee Venom, I have had Great results!

Mel, MA

I was sceptical, not really sure if this was all they were saying? However I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I started applying it to the brown spots on my face that I have had since birth, they started to diminish. It is a great moisturiser and I use it as one, it's a great product and a lot more effective than other more expensive products I have purchased over the years.

Charlotte, NY

Claim Free Trail of BeePure NZ today and see incredible results within two applications.

Dermatologist say "Better then Botox!"

It's called "nature's Botox", and Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow all swear by it. Bee venom products have taken the beauty world by storm with their instant anti-ageing results. Mixing the remarkable properties of Honey from the Manuka tree only found in New Zealand with Bee Venom extract has created a natural skin care phenomenon. It first became a huge hit in the UK, where first shipments of the product sold out within three weeks. How does bee venom work? Bee venom is carefully harvested from the bees without harming them. It is then purified and blended with PBV and UMF18+ Manuka Honey. When applied to the skin, bee venom encourages the body to react as if it has been lightly stung, and increases the blood flow and cell renewal to the area of application. It plumps out wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin surface. Bee Venom and Manuka Honey from New Zealand is the way of the cosmetic future.